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Ceresit Tile Adhesive CM 9 | Polybit

by Ceresit
Original price Dhs. 12.00 - Original price Dhs. 15.00
Original price
Dhs. 12.00
Dhs. 12.00 - Dhs. 15.00
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Color: Grey 20kg
  • Description
  • Product Scope
  • Application Guide
  • Data Sheet
  • Tile Adhesive for Indoor Areas

    Polybit CM 9 is a classic cement-based tile adhesive for laying ceramic tiles and slabs with a profiled back indoors.


    • Easy workability
    • Suitable for wet areas
    • High durability
    • Excellent for all common indoor applications
    • Perfect for ceramic tiles (glazed, terracotta), porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles

  • Recommended use

    Polybit CM 9 is a tile adhesive with low-emission LEED designed for fixing tiles on:

    • Cement and cement-lime plasters, cement screeds, cement ground coats, concrete substrates
    • Light weight AAC blocks / concrete block
    • Wet areas (with periodic water penetration) e.g. bathrooms, kitchens, toilets
    • Utility rooms as cellars, storerooms, drying rooms, corridors, stairs, anterooms, living rooms
    • Excellent for all common indoor applications
    • Perfect for ceramic tiles (glazed, terracotta), porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles

    Polybit CM 9 SHOULD NOT be used on deformable substrates such as: primed plasterboards, wood chip-boards, heated floors, large tiles for walls, higher loads and on top of Polybit flexible sealing materials like Polyflex. Alternatively under the above cases Polybit CM16 should be used.


  • Step by Step
    Pour Polybit CM 9 into the precisely measured amount of clean water (see technical data) and stir with a drill and mixer until a homogenous mass without lumps is reached. Leave for 2 min. and then stir again. Apply the mortar with a suitable notched trowel. For indoor use, the mortar coverage (contact area) on the tile backside must be at least 65%. Place the tiles only during the open time of the adhesive. Do not lay tiles butt jointed! Fresh excess mortar can be removed with water; hardened material can only be removed mechanically. Grouting on the wall can be done after 8 hours and after 24 hours in floor using Polybit grouts. Walkability is reached after 24 hours. Expansion joints, joints at the corners of walls and floor and around sanitary equipment shall be filled with silicone sealant.

    CoverageTile A
    4 - 5 sqm / bag

    Mixing Proportion
    Use Water. 4.0 to 4.8L water per 20 kg bag and 5.0 to 6.0L water per 25 kg bag

    Colour and Quantity
    Grey 25kg / White 20kg

    Finer Details
    Initial maturing time - Approx. 2min
    Pot life - >1hr
    Application thickness  - 3 to 10mm
    Open time  - Approx 10min


    The information in this document is given to the best of Polybit's knowledge, based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Polybit's products are considered as semi-finished goods and as such, products are often used under conditions beyond Polybit's control. Polybit cannot guarantee anything but the quality of the product itself.