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Terraco Pluggit 311

by Terraco
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Product Overview

One-component rapid setting repair mortar which is used to stop water leakages in concrete and masonry. Terraco Pluggit 311 is shrinkage compensated and hence creates a watertight repair even under constant water pressure.


  • Rapid setting formulation
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • One-component easy to use compound
  • Chloride-free, corrosion-free compound
  • High early strength properties
  • Sets above and below water

Areas Of Use

• To repair concrete or masonry surfaces where running water or moisture seepage is present

• To fill static cracks and holes in foundations, tunnels, reservoirs, sewerage pipes, basements and water tanks

Application Method

Surface Preparation

Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are scraped and brushed away. Also ensure the surfaces are free from salts, oil, grease and ridges, and protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered.
Remove any standing water from the repair area. If repair area is dry at time of repair, moisten substrate before application of Pluggit 311


Terraco Pluggit 311 can be applied either dry or wet. For wet application, mix a small quantity of product with water to form a stiff paste and fill the void by pressing paste into damaged area and holding in place until set. Terraco Pluggit 311 will set in 3-5 minutes, but application temperatures can lengthen or shorten this time. Only mix sufficient material that can be used within 1-2 minutes. Do not mix for more than 30 seconds. Once the repair has set, excess material can be removed by cutting surface with a trowel or spatula to bring surface level with surrounding area. Terraco Pluggit 311 can be over-coated with Terraco Weathercoat once initial set has been achieved.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

Available Grades

Product Name Code
Pluggit 311 76311