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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Putty Filler

Original price Dhs. 35.00 - Original price Dhs. 35.00
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Dhs. 35.00
Dhs. 35.00 - Dhs. 35.00
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Size: 500G
Color: Teak

General Description :

PUTTY FILLER is based on acrylic resin, nitrocellulose and natural wood fiber, it is developed to patch – up uneven surface of the wood and to fill holes and cracks.

Major Uses :

PUTTY FILLER can be applied over natural and synthetic wood. It is recommended for interior and exterior application.

Characteristics and Physical Properties :

Specific Weight 1 kg/L Total Solids 50-55%

Flash point 200C

Colors Available:  Natural, Teak, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Mahogany, Walnut

Method of Application:

1.The surface must be primed and should be clean and free from any loose particles.

2. Fill the holes and cracks by scraper leave "HEAD" to allow slight shrinkage. If the previous material is dry, treat the uneven surface with PUTTY FILLER.

3. PUTTY FILLER should be coated with NC, PU or Acrylic topcoats.


PUTTY FILLER should be kept in a cool area below 250C. Keep in tightly closed container.

Cleaning of Tools: All tools should be cleaned with Wash Thinner or NC Thinner # 115 as soon as possible.

Packing: Available in 500 ml., 1 liter

Physiological Hazards: PUTTY FILLER does not contain dangerous solvents, nevertheless, good ventilation in working rooms is recommended as well as the use of safety tools and equipment. PUTTY FILLER is flammable and harmful if swallowed. If contact with eyes or skin occurs, wash well with fresh water and seek immediate medical advise..