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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Durathane Gloss

Original price Dhs. 170.00 - Original price Dhs. 900.00
Original price
Dhs. 220.00
Dhs. 170.00 - Dhs. 900.00
Current price Dhs. 220.00
Size: 3.64L
Color: Jotun Standard 7075 Green

Product description :

This is a one component physically drying acrylic coating. It has a semi gloss finish with good gloss retention. It is fast drying. To be used as topcoat in atmospheric environments. Approvals and certificates When used as part of an approved scheme, this material has the following certification: - Low Flame Spread in accordance with EU Directive for Marine Equipment. Approved in accordance with parts 5 and 2 of Annex 1 of IMO 2010 FTP Code, or Parts 5 and 2 of Annex 1 of IMO FTPC when in compliance with IMO 2010 FTP Code Ch. 8 Consult your Jotun representative for details.

Typical use Marine:

Suitable for atmospheric use Protective: Suitable for industrial use