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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote


by Weicon
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Size: 400ml

WEICON Zinc Spray provides all metal surfaces, such as hot-dip galvanised parts being repaired, with permanent, cathodic corrosive protation. It forms a quick-drying, adhesive, protective layer of microfine zinc flakes.

In a salt spraying test according to DIN 53167 or DIN 50021, metal parts sprayed with WEICON Zinc Spray showed no corrosion, even after more than 550 hours. The innovative zinc flakes form a highly resistant protective layer, even against extreme weather and environmental influences. 

 In this way, WEICON Zinc Spray fulfils higher requirements than demanded in DIN EN ISO 1461.

The colour of WEICON Zinc Spray "bright grade" has been adapted to that of hot-dip galvanisation.


As high-quality rust protection primer

For touching up welded or drilled sections

As a conductive intermediate layer in spot welding

Wherever metal must be protected from corrosion

In addition to the above-mentioned applications, WEICON Zinc Spray "bright grade" is preferred for the repair of damaged zinc coatings in the same colour.

WEICON Zinc Sprays are dust-dry after about 15 minutes and can be spackled and painted over after about 12 hours without pretreatment.

The temperature resistance amounts to up to +500°C / +932°F ("spezial hell" up to +300°C / +572°F).


• Skin friendly

• Safe to use

• Longer shelf life

Specifications and uses:

• Used for fast drying, tough, coating , etc.

• Packaging options: Customized