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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Weber Floor 4660N

by Weber
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Size: 20KG

weber.floor 4660 Marine Elastic is a cement-based, pumpable, fibre-reinforced self-levelling material for steel-, galvanised steel- and aluminium decks in layer thicknesses from 2 to 30 mm. The material is supplied as pre-mixed dry powder, water is added on site of construc¬tion. The screed can be hand-applied or pumped in towards place of application using a Weber mixer pump, and requires only light mechanical handling with a trowel, spatula or spiked roller to achieve an adequate surface evenness for a floor covering. The material quickly attains a high surface strength and is walkable after 1-3 hours. Final covering after 1-3 days (10 mm per day). Note that the curing time depends on the substrate temperature and the ambient air temperature of the work area as well as the relative humidity. weber. floor 4660 meets all fire technical requirements as a underlayment for floor covering onboard passenger/merchant vessels and offshore installations according to IMO Res. A.687 (17). For special applications not covered in this product datash¬eet, please contact Weber for further advice and guidance. Also refer to existing national regulations.


Product specificaton


  • Material consumption 1,7 kg/mm/m² (0,9 kg/mm/m² with LWA)
  • Appplication temperature Minimum 10°C
  • Hardening time before foot traffic 1-3 hours
  • Minimum thickness 2 mm (10 mm with LWA)
  • Maximum thickness 30 mm (100 mm with LWA)
  • External use No
  • Internal use Yes
  • Water demand 4.3 litres per 25 kg bag (17%)
  • Pot life (open time) Approx. 15-20 minutes (after adding water)
  • PR-number 19691
  • Surface tensile strength to the substrate > 1,0 N/mm² (MPa)
  • Compressive strength Class C20 EN 13813 28 days: Mean value 27 N/mm² (MPa) EN 13892-2 Flexural strength Class F7 EN 13813 28 days: Mean value 8,5 N/mm² (MPa) EN 13892-2
  • Shrinkage 28 days <1,0 mm/m EN 134542
  • Flow rate according to Weber standard 205-220 mm with Weber standard method 99:03 (ring 68x35 mm)
  • Flow rate according to SS 923519 135-145 mm (flow ring 50x22 mm)
  • Physical requirements (Reaction to fire)
  • Fire class: A2fl-s1 A1301
  • Primary deck covering, Marine EN 13501-1, IMO FTPC Part 6 and IMO FTPC Annex 2, section 2.2
  • Chemical requirements (of cured material) pH 11
  • Wear resistance (Rolling wheel) RWFC 250 (thickness 2-30mm) EN 13892-7


20 kg bags on plastic wrapped pallets (40 bags per pallet) 1000 kg big bags Bulk (loose material)


When stored in unopened and intact packaging, under dry conditions, shelf-life is min. 12 months from date of manufacture. Incorrect storage could have an adverse impact on the product properties. Older material should be tested, using the stipulated amount of added water to the mix, to ensure that the product properties are intact and the material cures within 1-2 hours after application. Longer setting times indicate that the product properties have been disrupted and the material should not be used. Avoid adding more water than recommended.