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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Weber Dry 116 FX (A+B)

by Weber
Original price Dhs. 60.00 - Original price Dhs. 60.00
Original price
Dhs. 60.00
Dhs. 60.00 - Dhs. 60.00
Current price Dhs. 60.00
Size: 18KG
Color: Grey

PRODUCT component two based cement a is White/Grey FX 116 dry grey in available, slurry waterproofing modified polymer 126.Waterproof formely (white and) 116FX Waterproof formely( .(FX prevent to structures mortar and concrete to applied is It .infiltration water based cement damp on used be must FX 116 dry under used be can membrane waterproof this and substrate .tiles ceramic exterior and interior


internal and external for used is White / Grey FX 116 dry following the in work repair, sealing crack, waterproofing :structures residential & commercial Bathrooms

• foundations and Roofs

• Residential & Commercial - Kitchens

• showers, rooms Steam

• rooms Laundry

• stones granite, marble to backing a as , well as used is It .absorption water against


bridging crack, flexible, Waterproof

• water potable with contact in use for Approved

• masonry and concrete to adhesion Outstanding