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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Water Heater Atlantic Steatite Floor Standing

Original price Dhs. 2,200.00 - Original price Dhs. 2,800.00
Original price
Dhs. 2,200.00
Dhs. 2,200.00 - Dhs. 2,800.00
Current price Dhs. 2,200.00
Size: 200L


• Comfort & energy savings thanks to one large capacity central storage tank • 530 & 570 mm diameter for 200 and 300 L tanks


• Steatite technology: Ceramic dry heating element adapted to aggressive, hard or desalinated water • Enamelled steel sleeve for heating element protection and large heat exchange surface • Magnesium anode for strengthened tank protection • Pressure relief valve • Dielectric union • Specific lip gasket to prevent corrosion around flange


• Easy to maintain: Heating element removable without draining the tank • IP 24 - full compliance with European standards for electrical safety and user protection


• Mechanical thermostat with integrated security • High-efficiency water inlet • CFC-free high-density insulation for increased energy savings

  • O'Pro Central Domestic is a high-performing, potent and reliable electric water heater that works with different types of water-even the most aggressive!
  • This water heater’s large variety of sizes and designs make O’Pro Central Domestic an excellent choice for medium to large families!
  • Equipped with a mechanical thermostat with integrated security and a high-efficiency water inlet, this water heater quickly delivers hot water without wasting energy.
  • O’Pro Central Water Heater has a user-friendly handling through the heating light indicator and knob while continuing to run smoothly.
  • The exclusive O’Pro anti-corrosive system ensures excellent durability and longer tank lifetime of over 50 percent.

The O’Pro Central Water Heater ensures quality and durability through these features:

  • New generation diamond-quality enamel (glass-lined inner tank)
  • a pressure relief valve providing safety if any malfunctions or pressure rise
  • magnesium anode for strengthened tank protection
  • dielectric union to prevent corrosion
  • specific lip gasket to prevent rust around the flange
  • Fully IP 24 compliant, O’Pro Central Water Heater follows the European standards for electrical safety and user protection.
  • Being CFC-free, this water heater is environmentally friendly.