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Terraseal Grey Kit

by Terraco
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Dhs. 60.00
Dhs. 60.00 - Dhs. 60.00
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Size: 20kg

Terraseal is an economical, non-bituminous, two-component, permanent waterproof, flexible moisture barrier coating suitable for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions. Terraseal is specially developed for use on concrete and masonry facades prior to EIFS systems and curtain walling installation. It complies with ASTM E-84 (Surface burning and smoke development test) Class-A rating. It is applied by brush for smooth surfaces or by spray for uneven surfaces and block work

Colour :

Grey and natural white

Packaging :

20kg kit (resin 5kg jerricans and powder 15kg paper bag)


Terraseal is a polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating, supplied in two components, as a liquid resin and powder to be mixed on site before application. Terraseal Resin Based on acrylic resins resistant to alkalinity. Terraseal Powder Based on special cements, precisely graded fillers, wetting agents and adhesion promoters.

Easy to mix and apply

Application by brush or spray

Pot life of greater than 2 hours at elevated temperatures

Seamless permanent coating

Tough durable coating

Good adhesion to dimensionally stable concrete and mortar substrates Moisture/air barrier

No erosion or cracking

Ready to use after mixing- No water addition required


Terraseal is suitable for waterproofing concrete and masonry substrates prior to application of Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) or any nonload bearing assemblies like curtain wall systems. Terraseal is also suitable for waterproofing of cement fiber boards.


Ensure substrates are clean and sound. Remove all existing coatings, cement laitance, unsound, honeycombing and spalling concrete by suitable mechanical means. All dust, dirt and loose materials must be thoroughly removed by brush, broom or vacuum from the areas to be coated. Grind off all ridges and sharp projections. Scrap off all flaking material and remove oils, grease and other adhesion inhibiting substances. Rinse the substrate and while its damp, apply Terraseal. For highly absorbent substrates, liberal application of Terrabond-A (1:5 parts diluted with water) is recommended)


It is recommended to mix full kits only. Place the resin in a clean mixing vessel then slowly add the powder while mixing for at least 3 minutes with a slow speed mixer (200-600 rpm) until the mix is completely homogeneous and lump free. Ensure the blade remains below the surface of the mixture to minimise the entrapment of air and that no powder remains unmixed on the sides and in the corners of the mixing vessel. Leave to stand for at least 5 minutes to release any entrapped air. Mix again for 30 seconds before application. During application ensure occasional stirring to keep the aggregates in suspension.


Avoid prolonged contact with eyes and skin. Rinse with clean water. Seek medical treatment immediately. For detailed information refer to relevant material safety data sheet.


Product is supplied in a 20kg kit (resin 5kg jerricans and powder 15kg paper bag) When stored in their original sealed packaging in a clean, dry area and protected from high humidity, moisture, direct sunlight and extreme heat and cold, shelf life is at least 12 months. Use oldest material first.