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Terraco Terracrete

by Terraco
Original price Dhs. 75.00 - Original price Dhs. 75.00
Original price
Dhs. 75.00
Dhs. 75.00 - Dhs. 75.00
Current price Dhs. 75.00
Size: 20kg
Color: Grey

Product Overview

A liquid-applied two pack waterproof coating which requires only simple site mixing prior to application. It is easy to apply and once dry it forms a strong flexible waterproof coating. Complies with EN 14891: 2013


Terracrete is supplied as a two component, powder (cement based) and resin (acrylic
based) system to be mixed on site, with the following properties:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof coating
  • Seamless coating
  • Effective anti-carbonation coating
  • High surface adhesion
  • Exposed trafficable coating
  • Allows surface to breath
  • Can be applied to green concrete
  • Non-toxic

Areas Of Use

• Swimming pools
• General concrete repair
• Anti-carbonation coating
• Foundation protection
• Wet room walls and floors
• Planter boxes
• Protection of concrete from sea water

Application Method

Preparation of surface:

Ensure that dust, dirt and foreign matter are brushed from the surface. Cracks and surface defects should be made good prior to use of Terracrete. Dusting and porous substrates should be treated with Penetrating Primer.


Terracrete is supplied as powder (Part A) and liquid (Part B). Add the powder to the liquid and mix using a power agitator or electric drill with mixing paddle attachment.


Dampen surface with water and apply Terracrete by brush, roller or trowel. An average cover of 1-2 mm is recommended (2 kg/m2/mm). Tools may be cleaned with water, ensure this is done within one hour of mixing of materials.