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Terraco Terrabond A

by Terraco
Original price Dhs. 50.00 - Original price Dhs. 200.00
Original price
Dhs. 200.00
Dhs. 50.00 - Dhs. 200.00
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Size: 20kg

Product Overview

Terrabond A is an extremely versatile bonding agent for use with all cementitious materials, lime washes, plasters, etc. It can be used to pre-treat substrates as an adhesion-promoting agent and as a primer/ sealer for decorative coatings.

Terrabond A is a highly concentrated and economical-to-use product, specifically developed for the most demanding situation. It increases the compressive, tensile and flexural strengths of mortars and reduces the water/ cement ratio.

Terrabond A can be used with confidence on all exterior and interior surfaces.


Terrascreed GP100 is both hydraulically and organically bound, guaranteeing good adhesion to the substrate. Due to its composition and the use of precisely graded fillers, a smooth, high quality surface is obtained when leveling floors.

Areas Of Use

  • As primer for AAC Blocks to reduce porosity
  • As a primer or sealer for decorative coatings
  • For repairing surfaces (bonding agent)
  • Plaster and screed additive
  • For tile fixing (surface consolidating primer and additive)
  • For cement based paints and as lime wash additive

Application Method

As a primer/sealer :
Terrabond A is used for pre-treatment of porous but firm surfaces of concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, screeds, as an adhesion promoting and sealing agent. Before application thoroughly clean and remove any loose particles from the

Apply a solution of one part Terrabond A to 2 to 5 parts water (depending on surface porosity), using a brush or roller.

Repairing surfaces :
For the repair of surfaces, Terrabond A is designed to simplify the standard repair procedures and to help form a strong bond between the new and old work. Prior to application of repair mortar, follow the preparation procedures as previously outlined. For porous surfaces and repairs in excess of 5mm deep, mix the cement mortar using a solution of 1 part Terrabond A to 5 parts water. For mortars to be applied less than 5 mm thick use a 1:3 solution. For firm surfaces, a solution of 1:10 is recommended.

For plasters and screeds:
For plasters and screeds the addition of Terrabond A increases adhesion, flexural strength and improves workability of sand/cement mixes to be applied on surfaces such as fairfaced or float finished concrete. Prior to application, preparation procedures should be followed. Mix the mortar/screeds using a solution of 1 part Terrabond A to 10 parts water. For thin-coat mortar, a solution of 1:7 is recommended.

For tile fixing :
For Tile fixing mortar, the addition of Terrabond A will increase the flexibility and improve the cohesive and adhesive properties of cementitious tile mortars. When using a thick-bed tiling method, mix the mortar adhesive using a solution of one part Terrabond A to five parts water. With thin-bed tiling methods a solution of 1:3 is

For cement based paints/lime washes :
For cement based paints/lime washes, the addition of Terrabond A will increase flexibility and resistance to moisture, saline encrustation and dirt. The resultant mixture will promote greater adhesive capabilities, improve dispersion and aid brushability. Mix the paints using a solution of one part Terrabond A to 5-10 parts water.