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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Stucco Filler Interior

Original price Dhs. 20.00 - Original price Dhs. 20.00
Original price Dhs. 20.00
Dhs. 32.00
Dhs. 32.00 - Dhs. 69.00
Current price Dhs. 32.00
Size: 4L

  • Description
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  • Internal Stucco for walls

    Jotun Stucco is a putty filler, ideal for smoothing walls, filling unsightly cracks and hiding any imperfections on the wall. Recommended for use on interiors surfaces, i.e. cement plaster, gypsum boards, concrete, cement sheeting. Easy application. Provides an excellent base for subsequent coats.

  • Recommended use

    Ideal for interior surfaces.

    Can be used for cement plaster, concrete, block work, rendered surfaces etc. Substrate should have sufficient strength to receive the paint. Any defects in the substrate like surface undulations, cracks, pin holes etc., should be rectified/filled before starting painting.

    The product can be applied by
    Putty knife.

    Cleaning of painting tools
    Water is enough. But using an enamel based thinner will make the cleaning a lot faster.

    4 sqm / L (for applying 1 coat)

    Thinner and Dilution
    Use Water. But maximum 5%

    Recommended paint system
    Primer: 1 coat x PVA Primer
    Smoothening Coat: 2 coat x Stucco
    Topcoat: 2 coat x Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt
    If you are painting over an already painted wall, you can decide to directly use a topcoat, skipping stucco and primer. Nevertheless, there is no harm in using a primer and just skipping stucco, as it will help in bonding the new paint better with existing paint.

    The information in this document is given to the best of Jotun's knowledge, based on laboratory testing and practical experience. Jotun's products are considered as semi-finished goods and as such, products are often used under conditions beyond Jotun's control. Jotun cannot guarantee anything but the quality of the product itself.

    Spreading rate depends on film thickness applied, type of texture, surface porosity, imperfections, temperature,
    wastage during painting etc.

  • Not Applicable

    Stucco come in only 1 colour - White. We can make only custom colours for topcoat.

  • Download The Data Sheet Here