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Henkel Rush Bond PVA

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Dhs. 88.00
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Size: 20L

Description :

Polyvinyl acetate based bonding agent Rushbond PVA is polyvinyl acetate based polyvinyl suspension used as a surface sealer, bonding agent, admixture for cement and mortar.


  • Plisticizing effect 
  • Higher resistence to screeds
  • Increases the mechanical strength of screed and renders
  • Reduces shrinkage
  • Perfect adhesion even on smooth concrete.


For using as an adhesive for uneven surfaces, or gaps to be filled, prepare a paste of Rushbond PVA diluted with an equal amount of water, cement and fine sand. The paste can be applied as an adhesive for plaster boards, polystyrene tiles etc. to ceiling and walls. If the bonding surface is more porous, add 3 times the amount of water to Rushbond PVA and prime the surface.

As a bonding agent for screed, plaster and rendering, the surface should be sound and free from all unwanted materials, such as oil, grease, paint etc. sealing of the surface is done with 1 part of Rushbond PVA and 3 parts of water. Then apply the bonding coat and render, screed or plaster normally. The same method is used to bond new concrete to old.

As an admixture, Rushbond PVA gives a crack free thin floor screed. For normal to heavy duty flooring 20-30 liters/100kg. Cements is recommended. For heavy rendering and cementations topping, seal and prime the surface and prepare the render coat with 1 part of clean washed sand with 1 part of ordinary Portland cement, 1 part of Rushbond PVA to 3 part of clean water. Apply this to the tacky priming coat. 10 to 15 liters Rushbond PVA per 100kg of cement is recommended for such type of application.