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Rak Bond PVA - 20L (Plastering)

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Dhs. 36.00
Dhs. 36.00 - Dhs. 36.00
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Size: 20L
RAK BOND-PVA is a polyvinyl acetate latex emulsion used as a surface sealer, bonding
agent, admixture for cement and mortar.


RAK Bond-PVA bonds with almost all
building material except PVC, rubber and
polyethylene. It can be used to bond
plaster board, ceramic tiles, marble, glass,
bricks, wood, leather etc. when added with
suitable filler.

Bonding Agent

This gives mortars, especially topping
mortars very good resistance. The wear
resistance of screed treated with RAK
Bond-PVA is excellent compared to a
conventional screed with common mortar.
The topping will be dust free, wear proof,
water, oil and grease proof.


RAK Bond-PVA has a plasticizing eect
which improves mortar application,
increases the mechanical strength of
screeds, reduces shrinkage and has
perfect adhesion even on smooth concrete.


Up to 12 months in manufacturer's sealed
containers stored in a cool, dry place away
from high temperatures.


Curing occurs within 3 - 7 days.
Points to be noted:
RAK Bond-PVA is not recommended
where permanent dampness occurs.
Do not use below 5°C
Over trowelling is to be avoided
Always follow the mixing ratio
and instructions.