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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

National Rust Remover

Original price Dhs. 30.00 - Original price Dhs. 65.00
Original price
Dhs. 30.00
Dhs. 30.00 - Dhs. 65.00
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Size: 1L


National Rust Remover/Converter is a highly effective, cleaner for deep and hard rusts on metal surfaces, without making any harm to the parent metal. It derusts the surface by chemical reaction with the rusts and converts into soft and soluble type. Since it contains acidic rust inhibitor, which provides a thin phosphate coating to the cleaned derusted surface, the substrate is suitable for further priming or painting.


National Rust Remover/Converter is recommended for removing deep and hard rusts or rust stains from the iron/steel surfaces, before painting. It promotes the adhesion and durability of primer and further coats. If the rusts on the surface is not severe or hard, it can be applied with 1:1 dilution with water. It is recommend for iron/steel surfaces. Never keep the material in metal cans.


Apply National Rust Remover/Converter on the rusted area directly. Allow the material to penetrate into the rust for 15-20 minutes. All the rusts will soften and convert to a soluble type. Wipe it out and wash with water. Apply second coat similarly if any stains remain on the surface.



Highly effective, promotes the adhesion of primer and durability of further coats, easy application, water cleanable.

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