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National Lacquer Thinner

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Dhs. 20.00
Dhs. 20.00 - Dhs. 165.00
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Size: 1L
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Paint Thinners


Product  Details:

Product Name National Lacquer Thinner
DESCRIPTION A medium for dilution at the time of application is available for alkyd coatings, P.U coatings, epoxy coatings, NC Paints etc for all type of generic coatings. Thinners are used for the ease of application of the paint. Should be taken in using the right thinner for each type of paint.
RECOMMENDED USE As a finish paint for automobiles, furnitures etc.- It can be over coatedw ith National N.C. Auto Lacquer Clear for better gloss, protection.
Finish Gloss
Application Method
DRYING TIME @ 30 ̊C Temperature, humidity, airmovement, filmthicknessandnumberofcoatsallaffectthedryingtime.


Touchdry (minutes) : 15 – 30

Drytorecoat (hours): 3 – 4

Harddry (hours): 8 – 15 (Polishing)