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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Imiforce 20 Sc 1L ( Imidacloprid 20% )

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Volum To provide maximum control and protection against termite infestation, apply the specified volume of the finished water solution containing the specified amount of Imiforce 20 SC as set out below or as otherwise directed in this label. Prescribed Horizontal Barrier Rate: Unless otherwise directed, horizontal barriers are created by applying a 0.05% to 0.10% solution at a rate of 4.1 L of solution per m2. Prescribed Vertical Barrier Rate: Unless otherwise directed, vertical barriers are created by applying a 0.05% to 0.10% solution at a rate of 5 L of solution per linear meter per 0.3m of depth


All Structures Do not apply at a lower dosage and/or concentration than specified on this label for applications prior to the installation of the finished grade. Prior to each application, applicators must notify the general contractor, construction superintendent, or similar responsible party, of the intended termiticide application and intended sites of application and instruct the responsible person to notify construction workers and other individuals to leave the area to be treated during application and until the termiticide is absorbed into the soil.


All Structures Do not apply treatment until identity and location of all wells, radiant heat pipes, water and sewer lines, electrical conduits and sub-slab heating and air conditioning ducts is established. Caution must be taken to avoid puncturing these elements and/or injecting solution into them. All holes in commonly occupied areas into which material has been applied must be plugged. Plugs must be of a non-cellulose material or covered by an impervious, non-cellulose material.


- Do not eat or consume Imiforce 20 SC

- Do not get Imiforce 20 SC into mouth, eyes, nose, or onto skin and clothing

- Keep people and pets out of the area during the treatment, and allow access only when Imiforce 20 SC is completely dry

- During treatment, stay upwind and do not spill Imiforce 20 SC

- Wash hands and face with soap and water before food consumption or smoking

- After treatment, take a shower and change to new, clean clothing, and wash the work suit

- Do not reuse the packaging of Imiforce 20 SC and dispose in designated area/pit

- Do not use mixing equipment for other purposes besides chemical treatment

- Do not wash mixing equipment or dump Imiforce 20 SC into public waterway

Direction for use:

Imiforce 20 SC, in form of a diluted insecticide solution, prevents and controls subterranean termite infestations in and around buildings and other structures by creating a continuous chemical-treated zone (horizontal and/or vertical as needed) between the woods and other cellulose materials in a structure and termite colonies in the soil. In order to establish a zone between the woods in the structure and termites in the soil, adequately disperse the solution of Imiforce 20 SC in soil.

Dilution and Mixing of Imiforce 20 SC:

Use rates for Imiforce 20 SC are expressed and the solution is mixed according to the percentage (%) concentration it forms when mixed in water. Use the Mixing Table Imiforce 20 SC or alternately the formulas below to determine the amount of Imiforce 20 SC to add to any quantity of water