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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Henkel Polyseal PS GG 2.5L

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Dhs. 80.00
Dhs. 80.00 - Dhs. 80.00
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Size: 2.5 L
Color: Gray

Polyseal PS GG is a non slumping two component, chemically curing polysulphide joint sealant. Polyseal PS GG is specifically designed to be used as a watertight seal for moderate movement and control joints. It is based on a liquid polysulphide polymer which when mixed with the hardener, cures to form a tough, flexible and non staining rubber like seal. Polyseal PS GG has excellent adhesion to concrete, stone, metals and other common building substrates. The cured sealant has good resistance to most environmental chemicals & resists deterioration on prolonged exposure to UV. Polyseal PS GG is suitable for use in both vertical and horizontal applications. The sealant has a movement accomodation factor (MAF) of ±25%.


► Highly resilient with excellent recovery characteristics

► Provides permanent and uniform watertight seal

► Non-staining

► Excellent resistance to fatigue and stays flexible throughout its service life – won’t become brittle, caulk or crack due to ultra violet exposure

► Prevents uncontrolled cracking by allowing expansion and contraction during temperature changes

► Excellent adhesion to most common building substrates

► Good resistance to ageing. Retains joint soundness once cured

► Resistance against mild chemicals, hydrocarbon fuels, sea water

► Non-toxic once cured. Can be used in potable water reservoirs and swimming pools

Fields of application

Sealing of movement and control joints in:

– bridge decks and highway pavements

– water treatment structures

– airport runways and apron pavements

– metal & concrete sea walls

– parapet walls


Polyseal PS GG 2.5L

Polyprime PS 1L pail

Polyprime NP 1L pail

Polysolvent 5L & 20L pails Ancillaries/equipments Polyrod, barrel gun, follower plate


Joint preparation The joint edges must be clean, dry and free from oil, loose particles, cement laitance and other contaminants which may affect the adhesion. A thorough wire brushing, grinding, sand blasting or solvent cleaning may be required to expose a clean and sound substrate. The compressible joint filler shall be cut back to expose a uniform joint depth.