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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Henkel Polypoxy BF 3kg

Original price Dhs. 70.00 - Original price Dhs. 70.00
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Dhs. 70.00
Dhs. 70.00 - Dhs. 70.00
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Size: 3kg


Polypoxy BF is a two component, solvent free, epoxy resin based repair putty and mortar for concrete surfaces. The epoxy putty consists of graded fillers and non sagging agents which makes it ideal for application on vertical surfaces. Polypoxy BF is designed for filling of blow holes, cracks and minor imperfections on concrete surfaces.

FIELDS OF APPLICATION – Concrete surfaces: Filling of blow holes, cracks, and surface imperfections up to 5mm – As a skim coat/filler on prepared floors prior to application of finish coatings and screeds – As Concrete repair: Repairing damaged concrete, crack filling, leak proofing on horizontal, vertical and over head surface – As jointing compound: Can be used to join Pre cast concrete/GRC structures – As a bedding material: Can be used for fixing tiles on heavy duty areas, bedding bridge beams or bridge bearing and for grouting – As a bonding agent: It bonds to almost all rigid surfaces. – As a mould: It can be moulded to any shape

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Surface preparation Clean the concrete surface of all loose particles, laitance, dust, oil, grease, paint etc. Grit/captive blasting and mechanical grinding of the concrete floor is recommended for removing all surface contaminants.

STORAGE & SHELF LIFE The pails shall be stored in a covered and dry area. In tropical climates the product should be stored in an airconditioned environment. The shelf life of the product in unopened condition is 12 months from the date of manufacture. Exposure to sunlight, UV, sources of heat and humidity will result in the deterioration of the product and reduce its shelf life.

HEALTH & SAFETY As with all construction chemical products caution should always be exercised. Protective clothing such as gloves and safety goggles shall be worn when handling the product. Treat any splashes to the skin or eyes with fresh water immediately. Should any of the products be accidentally swallowed, do not induce vomiting, but call for medical assistance immediately.


Polypoxy BF Part A and Part B shall be mixed thoroughly using a proprietary paddle mixer fitted to a slow speed drill till a uniform color and consistency is achieved. It is recommended to mix an entire kit at a time. However, for small repairs, part mixing can be done provided both the parts are accurately measured by weight.


Application can be carried out by a steel trowel or putty knife or scraper. Press firmly the mixed mortar into the area to be filled to ensure proper adhesion and full contact. The epoxy putty shall be applied at a maximum thickness of 5mm in one layer. Additional layers should be applied after the applied mortar achieves its initial cure.The area repaired with Polypoxy BF can be over-coated with any epoxy or polyurethane coating after it achieves its initial cure