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Henkel Polycure AC

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Dhs. 550.00
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Size: 200L

Acrylic based concrete curing compound Polycure AC is a non-degradable liquid type of curing and sealing compound based on acrylic and proper wetting agents. Polycure AC is used to prevent rapid evaporation of water from fresh concrete ensuring uniform hydration, adequate strength development and minimizes plastic and drying shrinkage cracks. This will also act as sealing coat for protecting concrete from the attack of water borne salts and ingress of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The cured film further acts as a primer system for subsequent surface finishes. It also provides a dust free surface to the concrete with a reduced incidence of drying shrinkage cracks.



  • Dual protection as curing and sealing compound
  • Protects concrete from water borne chlorides, sulphates and atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Economical, Labour saving, Easy to apply
  • Clear and white pigmented types available



Mix the contents of the drum thoroughly prior to the application in order to remove the sediments.


Applied immediately after the initial bleed water evaporates and the concrete has achieved its initial set. In case of de-shuttering, the concrete surface is wetted with water but not with free standing water, before the curing compound is applied.  The application can be done by a brush, roller or an airless spray at a coverage rate of 5m²/l. for highly porous surfaces, a second coat has to be applied at the same coverage rate. 

Primer for subsequent finishes

Polycure AC acts as a primer and bonding agents for the following systems:

  • water based emulsion paint systems containing PVA, PVC, and acrylic co-polymers
  • tile adhesives based on the above polymers
  • bitumen based emulsions or solutions
  • cementitious systems


  • concrete curing compound will effectively prevent evaporation of water from concrete, provided it is not puctured or damaged, but will not allow the ingress of water to replenish that is lost by self dessication.
  • where water curing is inconvenient or potable water for curing is not available, sealing fresh concrete surface with curing compound is the best alternate curing method.