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Henkel Bitutape TS

Original price Dhs. 35.00 - Original price Dhs. 35.00
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Dhs. 35.00
Dhs. 35.00 - Dhs. 35.00
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Size: 50mm x 10mtr

Bitutape tS is a non-reinforced twin side adhesive bitumen membrane which comprises of polymerized bitumen sandwiched between a plastic release film on either side.

uses : 

Bitutape tS is mainly used as an adhesive for the fixing of Bituboard protecting boards to the Bitustick range of self adhesive waterproofing membranes. Bitutape tS is also ideal for sealing of pipe joints in concrete structures and other corner joints.


the substrate to which Bitutape tS needs to be applied should be free of oil, water and dust. the presence of any of these contaminants affects the adhesive properties of the membrane. Cut the membrane into the desired width and length and stick it on to the surface. Remove the release film form the order side and then stick the boards on place.


Bitutape tS are supplied in rolls of 10 m length and 50 mm width. the membranes can be unloaded by hand or other convenient means, but making sure the absence of any protruded sharp edges nearby to avoid punctures.


Bitutape tS range of tapes have to be stored in a shaded are on wooden pallets neatly covered by any thick fabric like tarpaulin sheets tied and secured properly to ensure no excessive exposure to sunlight.


Bitutape tS is a non-hazardous, non-flammable material and therefore can be disposed to in any regular disposal areas. Bitutape tS should be disposed on after wrapping with paper, plastic or clothe as the modified material has tendency to soften under heat and pressure, which would make further handling very tough.


Bitutape tS contains a tacky Bitumen compound which while applied can adhere to human skin. Such stains of Bitumen can be removed by using a cloth dipped in light solvents. incase the effected area is sensitive like the eye please contact the company physician for advice.


Roll length, [m] : 10

Roll Width, [mm] : 50/100/150/200 (other sizes available on request)

thickness, [mm] : 1.5

Softening point, [°C] : >105

Water absorption [%] : <0.5