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Henkel Bitutape Putty K

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Dhs. 185.00
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Size: 20kg

Bitutape Putty-K is a chemical resistant oil based mastic putty used for smoothening of tough & intricate profiles and filling of voids and crevices for enhancing the waterproofing efficiency of Bitutape* anticorrosive pipe wrapping tape systems


► Provides a smooth and workable profile on pipe fittings such as flanges, valves, spigot and socket type joints, bolted couplings and any intricate contours

► Used for hand moulding, thereby making the application simple and fast to use

► Provides excellent adhesion keeping the putty in place without slumping or sagging


Surface preparation :

Surfaces should be completely devoid of dust, oil, grease, rust, mill scale, weld spatter or any other loose debris, which would affect adhesion.

Priming :

surface primed with Bitutape primer* should be completely touch-dry before application of paste.

Wrapping :

Neatly pack the paste into the joints and crevices to provide the desired profile and contour to facilitate wrapping. Wrap with specified grade and width of Bitutape pipe Wrapping tape.


Designed to cater for application in tropical and temperate climatic conditions.


Store in a dry and shaded area. Keep away from direct sunlight and protect from extreme temperatures. The shelf life is 24 months in unopened conditions if stored in AC environment in tropical climates.


Bitutape Putty-K is solvent free therefore non hazardous in use. Any skin contamination can be removed with water & soap.


 Color Natural Tan - Grey Solvent None

Flash point Not applicable

Sp. gravity, [g/cc] 1.9±0.05 ASTM D 70

Solid content, [%] 100 ASTM D 2369

Dry time Not applicable All values given are subject to 5-10% tolerance


Bitutape Putty-K 20kg pails