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Henkel Bitubond N 5L

Original price Dhs. 120.00 - Original price Dhs. 120.00
Original price
Dhs. 120.00
Dhs. 120.00 - Dhs. 120.00
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Size: 5L
Color: Grey


► Excellent heat resistance ► Single component, easy to apply ► Designed to use in tropical climates ► Can be applied by brush or scrapper

DESCRIPTION Bitubond N is a single component solvent based synthetic rubber adhesive. Used as an adhesive for bonding bitumen fiber boards, bitumen felt, plastic, laminates, veneer boards, rubber and plastic edging strips, rubber, leather, linoleum, felt, cork, foam to wood, chipboard, concrete, stone, metals and bitumen surfaces.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Surface preparation The surface should be free from dust, dirt, curing compound, oil etc. Clean the surface thoroughly to remove all loosely adhering particles and cement laitance.

Application temperature Do not use at temperatures below +5°C. At low temperature care must be taken that the temperature of the adhesive and of the surfaces to be bonded is higher than the ambient temperature. Cold materials have a strong tendency to attract the moisture present in the surrounding air. Moisture on the adhesive film may have a disastrous effect on the bond and will lead to unsatisfactory results. Assembly time: 10 to 30 minutes

Coverage Dependent on the surface texture of the materials to be bonded. 2-3 m2 /L (if applied to both surfaces)

Directions for use Apply an even film of adhesive on both the surfaces with a strong brush or spreader. For porous substrates two coats are to be applied. The second is to be applied after the first coat dries. The two materials are to be bonded when the adhesive applied becomes tacky. Take care to position the TDS_Bitubond N_GCC_0319 materials accurately, because once the joint is made, they cannot be adjusted by sliding. Next firmly tap the surfaces with a rubber hammer or roll with a pressure roll. A press may be used as well; the pressure must then be sufficiently high and evenly applied to the entire surface. Bumps and gaps reduce the contact surface. Air bubbles can be avoided by unrolling the material during fixing. Bitubond N Contact Adhesive has a very good initial grab. However, pressure applied only by hand is not sufficient. To obtain optimum results, it is essential to tap or roll firmly over the entire surface in all cases. The use of clamps, which only apply a pressure to the edges, is absolutely insufficient. Do not leave the materials coated with the contact adhesive liquid to dry in a draughty damp or dusty space. Supports/ props can be used to keep the boards in place till the adhesive is strong enough to hold the board. Note: Adhesive stains can be removed by a cleaning solvent.

Cleaning Clean all tools immediately after use with a cleaning solvent.