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Salina Tile Grout

by Salina
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Size: 10 KG
Color: White

SALINA TILE GROUT is a pre-mixed, cement based non-shrink water proof grout for filing of tile joints in kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools, suitable for internal and external application. Available in several color shades.



All Color Shades (Refer Colors Card)


  •   Better adhesion.
  •  Shrinkage and Crack resistant.
  •  Excellent mould and thermal resistant.
  •  Clear fade resistant color.
  •  High strength grout for use with tile joints 5-15 mm width.


  •  Bathroom, Kitchen, Stairs.
  •  Balconies, Terraces and wet areas.
  •  Interior and Exterior.


Consisting Portland cement, fillers, metal oxides, pigments and chemical improving agents


Tile joints should be clean from dust, loose particles, excess mortar, or any contaminations. Ensure that applied tile is completely hardened with the mortar applied. Spray clean water to moisturize the joints and allow to evaporate completely


Add approximately 3 liters of water to 10 kg to SALINA TILE GROUT powder to be mixed in a clean container with electrical hand stirrer. Start mixing slowly then speed up to get uniform thick paste. To adjust consistency of the mortar allowing the mortar to slate for 10 minutes before remixing. If the grout mortar has become too stiff to work, it should be discarded and a new batch should be prepared. Apply the mixed product within a maximum 45 minutes (depending on temperature) after mixing.


Apply SALINA TILE GROUT paste with a rubber spatula into the joints diagonally by filling all the gaps. Make sure that the grout is well compacted with no voids or air pores between the joints. Allow grout to dry (at least 20 to 30 mins. depending on the weather conditions). Before starting the cleaning process, remove surplus with a damp of sponge moving diagonally to prevent removal of grout within the joints. Rinse the sponge frequently using two water containers, one to remove the grouts residue and the other one to clean the sponge. Avoid excess of water while cleaning to prevent discoloration of joints. When applied grout completely set, polish the tiles with a clean dry cloth. Curing should be done by apply clean water to the grout for minimum two days. Do not spray water under high pressure and avoid using any chemical cleaning agent on the grout until 7 days after the application.


1 kg SALINA TILE GROUT is sufficient for approximately 4 square meters using standard 200mm x 200mm tiles


SALINA TILE GROUT is packed in 10 kg plastic bags. Available as custom packaged to suit specific job requirements


Material should be stored in a dry covered area protected from elements. Unopened bags have a shelf of 12 months


Wear safety such as rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses used to handle conventional cement based products should be worn. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water and seek medical advice accordingly. MSDS are available upon request.