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For Bulk Enquiries : Get Free Quote

Geotextile 4.5m x 11m 125GSM

by Terram
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Dhs. 150.00
Dhs. 150.00 - Dhs. 150.00
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Size: 4.5m x 11.1m

Geotextile is a synthetic permeable textile material used to improve the soil characteristics. 

Geotextiles are used to provide protection, filtration, separation, reinforcement and drainage functions in soil, rock and waste materials. They are also specifically used as separation and protection layers within structural waterproofing system, protection and moisture mats within the roofing system.

Nonwoven geotextile manufactured from UV stabilised, high tenacity, virgin polypropylene fibres that have been both mechanically and thermally bonded to provide a highly permeable yet durable separation and filtration layer.


With over 50 years of unrivalled expertise and experience, Terram standard geotextiles are the original nonwoven geotextiles for separation and filtration applications. Typical uses include the prevention of intermixing of sub-base and subgrade layers, drainage and bedding materials. Terram filters/separators are used extensively in the construction of:

• Paved and unpaved roads
• Railways
• Car parks and hardstandings
• Cycleways and footpaths
• Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

• Manufactured from inert high tenacity virgin polypropylene fibres giving excellent long term durability in all soil types.
• High static and dynamic puncture resistance ensures a low risk of damage during construction.
• Random orientated web with isotropic properties provide the same strength, permeability and filtration in all directions.
• High elongation at break maintains separation and filtration function under load particularly in soft and variable ground conditions.

This product is predicted to be durable for more than 25 years in soils with a pH in the range 2 to 14 and with a temperature of less than 250C.

Chemical resistance
Terram standard geotextiles are unaffected by the chemicals which normally exist in soils.

UV exposure
Fiberweb Geosynthetics’ products are delivered to site in polyethylene wrapping to protect against the effects of ultra-violet radiation. It is recommended that the products remain wrapped until their installation. Once unwrapped, the products should be completely covered with fill within 1 month to avoid exposure to UV radiation. Adequate precautions should always be taken to protect all products from UV radiation to achieve the stated durability.


Product Specification :

Type Geotextiles
Size 4.5m x 11.1m
Mass/Unit Area 125gsm
Brand Terram
Tensile strength 7 Kn/m