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Fiberglass Repair Kit Isopon 500ml

by Isopon
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Dhs. 65.00
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Size: 500ml

This ISOPON FASTGLAS Repair Kit contains everything you need to make a tough permanent, glass fibre reinforced repair to all kinds of objects.

Simply wet the glass fibre mat with activated resin to form a tough glass fibre reinforced plastic. This bonds to most materials and dries in 20-30 minutes permanently retaining its shape. Just follow the simple instructions in this guide for a quick and easy repair.

The contents of the kit will repair 0.5m².

• 1 x 500ml Fastglas resin.

• 1 x hardener sachet. 20G

• 2 x Glass Fibre Mat (25cm x 110cm).

• Application brush.

• 4 x Pairs of disposable gloves.

• Plastic measuring beaker.

• 2 x wooden mixing sticks.

• Instruction leaflet.

Ideal for repairing Cars, caravans, boats, ponds, gutters and downpipes.

Fast and easy to use.

Features & Benefits

For construction and repairing car bodies, boats, general repairs and garden ponds, also suitable for many other fibreglass repairs.

Hardening time varies according to ambient temperature:

30 mins @ 20°C, 15-20 mins @ 25°C. Do not use below 10°C.

The surface must be clean, dry and free from all traces of grease.

Clean tools immediately in cellulose thinners or aceton

Additional info :

WEIGHT 200 kg
DIMENSIONS 5 × 10 × 20 cm