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Weber AD Cure Y 20 Curing Compound

by Weber
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Dhs. 375.00
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Size: 200L

weber ad cure Y 20 is a water based, advanced copolymer formula, curing compound. It controls water retention and evaporation rates in newly placed concrete to provide added strength and protection. When water can't evaporate quickly, the result is a stronger, more durable substrate that has a higher compressive strength. The concrete will resist shrinkage that is normally associated with the curing process, as well as cracking or other damage that can result from seasonal contraction and expansion.


• Exterior and interior, horizontal & vertical concrete surfaces

• Pre-cast or pre-stressed members

• Cure freshly poured concrete

• Residential, commercial and industrial applications

• Parking structures, driveways, patios, walkways

• Manufacturing, assembly and warehouse facilities


On fresh concrete or rendering as soon as the gloss of the surface becomes mat, and the bleeding stops, ad cure Y 20 is sprayed on the surface using a hand operated spray gun. ad cure Y 20 can be applied as well by roller or brush. In case of over coating, it is recommended to check the adhesion & compatibility of the new coat and concrete surface treated with ad cure Y 20 before application.

weber ad cure Y 20 allows direct application of several coatings as per below* :

• Bituminous emulsions

• Acrylic coatings

• Water based emulsion paints

• Epoxy resin coatings

• Polymer modified cement *A trial test to confirm the adhesion of the coating is always


weber ad cure Y 20 is supplied in: 200, 25, and 4 lit.drums.


Can be stored up to 6 months from manufacturing date under cover, out of direct sunlight and protected from extreme temperatures.


In case of frost, the product recovers its properties after progressive thawing and homogenizing by agitation. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention.


All our products are manufactured to comply with our internal QA/QC program and quality management system to ensure consistency and quality.