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PU Joint Sealant 600ml

by Weber
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Dhs. 20.00
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Size: 600ml
Color: Black

 Description :

weber jointseal PU is reliable low modulus polyurethane based elastomeric sealant, allowing a high degree of elongation. It cures under the effect of atmospheric humidity to form a flexible and resistant joint with very good adhesion on most materials. After stretching, it recovers its performances and its resistance to climatic ageing, rain, snow, salt haze, ozone, ultra violet rays and atmospheric corrosion. It can be later painted after full curing: a preliminary test is recommended. The weber jointseal PU sealant conforms to the requirements of ASTM C 920, “Standard Specification for Elastomeric Joint Sealants”, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25, Use NT and M. 



used is PU jointseal .joints masonry of waterproofing For• .structures concrete in joints expansion In• prefabricated light and heavy between sealant joint As• .elements concrete door in, cladding in, structures metal in sealant joint a As• .(PVC, aluminum, wood, metal (frames window and .cracks for sealant a As• .blocks glass in sealant a As• .tiles roof concrete and clay baked bonding For• .panels precast the between joint the In•



Appearance : Pasty Polyurethane elastomer

Colors available:  White, grey, beige, brown, black

Density at 20 °C  : Black : 0.02 ± 1.15 :others : 0.02 ± 1.16

Sagging (ISO 7390) : None

Application temperature : °5-C to 40 °C

Skin formation time at :Ca. 70 min 23 °C and 50 % HR

Cure time at 23 °C :   3 mm/24 h and 50 % HR

Shore A hardness (internal method Ca. 40 IT20- after ISO 3 - 868 seconds)


12 months from manufacturing date, stored in a dry and cool rooms in their sealed and original sausages. Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: +5°C / +25°C