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5 genius DIY painting ideas for living room interiors - Bulls Hardware LLC

5 genius DIY painting ideas for living room interiors

It has come to your attention that your living room needs a makeover, but you don't know what you want it to look like.  Imagine the energy and emotion you wish to evoke in the room. Choose a color palette that matches your living room color with these living room paint ideas. Choosing the right paint for the room is one of the most important decisions you can make. An interior decorator can use it as a starting point for the rest of the design. If you like a particular color, you could paint your living room that color. 

Colors in living rooms should be chosen according to what appeals to you, but also with the overall decor of the house, especially with the living room decor.

Make sure you plan your room makeover before you paint. Choose the color carefully before painting your walls. Declutter, remove unwanted furniture or perhaps rehabilitate your floors while you have this time. Consider how you would like to use the space in your living room. Would you like to entertain friends at your home and welcome people to your home?

Before starting, you would want to make sure that you have the following:

  1. High-quality paints
  2. Painting tools
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Primers and Fillers
  5. Thinners

While you have planned to give your living space a brand new makeover on your own, you want to ensure that the tools you are using will perform well to deliver a flawless finish.

Once you have your desired living room ideas in your head, try to execute them. Here are some top hassle-free and easy DIY painting ideas for your living room interiors. You can use these ideas to inspire your home transformation, whether you're remodeling for a new apartment, putting your home on the market, or just wanting a change.


Monochromatic spaces have been trending for a long time now. If you are somebody who is looking for a clean and minimal living interior, this one's for you! Paint your living room walls using a single color.

A high-quality Fenomastic Wonderwall Lux is a perfect choice if you want a smooth, washable, matt and beautiful interior. Make sure you use premium paint brushes in various sizes from 0.5 to 4 inches for perfect edges and corners.


Neutrals are timelessly elegant and royal. If you love neutral colors, get your hands on Fenomastic Wonderwall Life for a flawless, silky and washable interior. This paint is the perfect option to catch your guests' attention as it exudes immense grandeur. You can use different shades of interior paint for your living room from an extensive color palette.


Using stencils has been trending for a long time as it is one of the most creative ways to DIY a beautiful and appealing interior wall. To get started, make sure your surface is clean and smooth. If the surface is uneven, try to even it out using a high-quality Plaster Coating.

Once you have achieved a smooth surface, now is the time to take two shades of your selected paint colors. Paint the wall evenly and with a stencil, paint the design chosen using a lighter or darker color, and there you have your classy and lovely interior walls.


One of the most important things to understand before painting the interiors of your living spaces is to understand the color palette. Once you have understood the color theory, you can pick multiple shades that are slightly different from each other but complement the texture as a whole.


When it comes to living room indoor house paint concepts, you can go for a high-quality indoor interior paint color that affects you as it does on your visitors every time you enter the living room. You can go for tints that can help to stretch the size of the living  room while making it feel more comfortable and attractive. Lighting in the room is vital in choosing suitable colors for the living room.

If you want to make a grand statement and create an interior that exudes sheer grandeur, choose Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt in “wisdom”, which is dark in color and perfect for a dim interior. Remember, balance the darkness with natural light and lighter color paints by playing with contrast to achieve a balanced look.

These genius tips are all you need to get started with your DIY projects that are hassle-free and practical. You can achieve a flawlessly painted room for a divine interior with our best quality paints and products.

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